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FAQ’s and Marriage License Information

Wedding Licenses:

Both parties must be at least sixteen (16) years of age for the issuance of a marriage license. Parental consent is necessary for any applicant under eighteen (18) years of age. Both applicants must present either a certified copy of their birth certificates or a hospital or baptismal certificate that has been issued and dated within one (1) year after the applicant’s birth. Applicants over 18 but less than 25 years of age, must ALSO provide one of the following as evidence of age: Driver’s license, Military ID card, Selective service ID card, Passport or visa, Certified copy of birth certificate. Each applicant must include a copy of their social security card, if applicable, or an alien identification card.

Option A: Apply at any South Carolina Probate Court IN PERSON. There will be a 24-hour wait before you must go back and pick up your license. They will hold the license for up to 6 months after you apply. The closest location to Myrtle Beach is the Conway office at 1301 2nd Avenue, Conway SC 29526 which is in Horry County. This is 15 miles from the Myrtle Beach Airport and hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday – Friday except holidays. If you do not live in South Carolina, the fee is $115 (fee was raised by the Court in July of 2017. Please see the marriage license instructions to know what you must bring with you.



(Please note that effective immediately, Horry County NO LONGER accepts applications through the mail as everything must be done in person).

Option B: Apply IN PERSON to Georgetown County Probate anytime before your wedding – they do not expire in this county. You BOTH will need to apply for your license in person at the Georgetown Probate Court when you get into town. After the full 24 hour waiting period, you can go back to pick up your license or send any designated family member to get it for you as long as the court is aware of this fact. The office is 34 miles from the Myrtle Beach airport. Hours are 8:30AM – 4:00 Monday through Friday except on holidays.

The fee for ALL applications is $40 but they do NOT take credit or debit cards. So it is a little further of a drive from the middle of Myrtle Beach, but you will save $60 on the license itself!! Here is a link to the instructions and the application for this option. http://www.georgetowncountysc.org/probate_court/ (Please be assured that it is more than acceptable to get your license from Georgetown County – or ANY other county in the state of South Carolina – and still get married on a beach in Horry County). (Also note that effective July 31st, 2015, Georgetown County NO LONGER accepts applications through the mail as everything must be done in person).

Option C: If your schedule once in Myrtle Beach for the wedding is just not going to allow you to have time to apply for and then go back and pick up your marriage license over a 2-day time period, you can always decide to go the Justice of the Peace in your local hometown and have a quick “official” ceremony where you will complete the paperwork and therefore not have to worry about obtaining it here in South Carolina. In this case, you are NOT even required to bring the “official” paperwork with you to the beach to show us. We will still treat your ceremonial wedding here at the beach with the same enthusiasm and importance no matter where the paperwork is processed. Just because your paperwork may say one date on it, you know that you will forever celebrate your “wedding” day as the date you had us perform your ceremony in front of the beautiful ocean!! This option works really well and may be necessary for those couples only looking to come to Myrtle Beach for a quick turnaround before returning home and won’t be able to spend 2 additional days obtaining their license from South Carolina.


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